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  • LinkedIn imposes a limit of the number of group messages that can be sent.
  • Confirmation that the commercial use limit on search is not just the amount of searches but also the number of profile views.
  • Groups lose stats feature but gain a new 'about' page which includes the members section.
  • 27,000 US intelligence staff on LinkedIn revealed in a recent report.
  • LinkedIn introduce 'who's viewed your posts' feature.
  • LinkedIn celebrate their 12th anniversary by featuring members stories, I especially enjoyed this one.
  • India surpasses 30 million LinkedIn members
  • LinkedIn's share priced dropped below $200 last week and still remains weak.


  • This new web product claims to assess someone's personality from their LinkedIn profile. It sounds crazy but my experience is that it is amazingly accurate! Here are the results for me;

If you haven't done so already, check out my new Winbusinessin podcast, this week I interview 'The Headshot Guy' John Cassidy about profile pictures.


Why do some people put their name in their professional headline?

ANS= This allows people to be able to see your full profile even if they are outside of your network. When you search for anyone by name you can always see their profile but when you search by keywords you can only see up to your 3rd tier.

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