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  • The mystery of the 'Certified LinkedIn Publisher'.
  • Brain De Haaf's profile and the Google search (below) that proves he did have the phrase in his profile
  • Kathy Caprino's profile
  • The Publishers group where my question has so far been conveniently ignored!


  • I no longer receive an email from LinkedIn when someone accepts my invitation to connect. Has this feature gone or are my settings wrong?
    • ANS = Firstly the feature does still exist, I received an email just this morning. Your settings may need re-adjusting and it might not be your fault as it appears that this settings has had a recent facelift! Go to Settings>Communications>Push notifications and make sure that the relevant box is ticked. Follow this by logging out, clearing cookies and then check whether it works the next time.  Failing that it's a case for the Help Center.
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