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Searching for jobs on LinkedIn Update. Last week I talked about the 5 ways you can search for jobs but someone has revealed a 6th way - searching or browsing through updates in a company page 

A LinkedIn company page

Some companies will have a specific 'careers' page on their company page (see top arrow) but you will also find jobs advertised in their status update stream (see bottom arrow)


New YOUniversity section which gives college/school students some great tools to help them select the right university for them.

This is divided into three integrated pages, lets look at each;

Decision Boards. This is the area where students can organise their search for the right course and university using a combination of organizational, social and insight tools.

Rankings. (See image at the top of the page) This is the most controversial element where universities are ranked according to the 'success' of their alumni with getting the jobs they wanted. There were only five careers listed when I looked but I am sure more will be added in time.

Finder. Simply enter your criteria such as career (ie law) and location (ie London) or/and employer (who you want to work for) and it will tell you how many alumni from each university achieved these goals.

Other news - SlideShare gets its first ever iOS app, I'm shocked they didn't have one already but it does look pretty good

Also LinkedIn is introducing a new 'Actions' section into the profile views section of Linkedin. I don't have it but Jo Saunders has written agreat post about it.

Searching. I'm still getting some odd results no doubt due to the new Galene search engine. My latest findings suggest that closeness in network has moved down the pecking order. What are your experiences of search, any different?


Actually maybe its not a poem, but amusing all the same! Thanks to Carl Whalley for sending it in;

Mark Williams has moved his mouse! Would you like to endorse Mark with his new skill: 'Mouse Moving", so future employers can help him use it to realise his full potential? 

An email from Joe Tester has triggered a Tweet which was automatically posted to his Facebook account and so in turn updated his Linked In status to "just doing my emails". Congratulate Joe now? 

It's been 2 years 3 days and 19 minutes since you first told us you're not interested in upgrading to a Premium Account. Would you like to upgrade to a Premium Account, and get more fantastic emails from us? Don't be left out - your network is talking about you behind your back - find out what they are saying about you with a Premium Account!

Congratulations - you have been endorsed as a Turkey Sexer by Nettie Worker (LION 9999+ contacts!) 

HOT NEWS! All the LinkedIn directors have sold all their shares as they announce to the market the future looks brighter than ever.

Company Page Frustrations.  I got to see first hand just how hard it can be when trying to add images to company pages, merge profiles and create showcase pages (you can only create 2 each day - goodness only knows why!) and the interesting fact came out from LinkedIn admitting that the only browser LinkedIn is fully compatible with is Mozilla Firefox so I have started using it for all my LinkedIn activities and I must admit it is a pretty good browser and many activities do seem a bit smoother/quicker.

QuestionHow do you find the time to use LinkedIn effectively?

This is such a great question and not an easy one to answer as its something we all struggle with. My three tips are;

  1. Schedule activities such as reading updates and posting.
  2. Use mobile apps, the LinkedIn main one and the Connected app
  3. Make your content engaging which allows your activities to be quick reactive things rather than having to spend time thinking of what to create and post all the time.

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