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Welcome to this weeks episode after a break for a week in the sun, I’m back fully refreshed and raring to go…oh and hating the cold, wet UK weather!

I have had a couple of listeners contact me this week to tell me about a strange message they received from LinkedIn regarding missing InMails, at first I thought it must be a hoax…it wasn’t!

Here's what you can found in this weeks episode;

06.00 - 11.30 Interesting stuff I saw this week

11.40 - 24.06 New Features

24.16 - 32.33 Do we need 30,000 connections?

32.44 - 45.20 The InMail Scandal

45.30 - 49.10 How our feed could be improved

49.20 - 53.18 Post of the week

53.28 - Question about the Daily rundown

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