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Plenty to talk about in this week's show from Web clippers and extensions to LinkedIn admitting they too hate quiz updates!


News shareholders cash in on LinkedIn takeover and cause LinkedIn's share price to fall.

Evernote updates its web clipper allowing very useful integration with LinkedIn profiles.

LinkedIn are now ranked as the 2nd largest job board in the world....even though they are not a job board!

LinkedIn wins case against Irish domain registrant.

Searching a connections connections is now back! You now can also search the shared connections of a 2nd tier.

3rd tier connections can now be saved to contacts.

You can now follow anyone from the front page of their profile (see below)

Interesting interview with LinkedIn's VP of Engineering. In this piece he reveals that LinkedIn do not look kindly on quizzes and other Facebook type posts (as discussed last week). See clip below and you can read the whole article here.



1.      Sanity check: I got really excited about the tag system at the bottom of the LinkedIn blogs – thinking I could choose what channels I might get into … but I noticed that the tag options don’t match the channels! Am I correct in thinking that the tags don’t feed directly into channels, but are, in fact, just subsections/buckets from which some posts might be chosen to go into a channel (based on the LI algorithm and editors)?


2.      Question: I would love to post a blog on LinkedIn re ‘How to blog on LinkedIn’ summarising everything I’ve found – but there don’t seem to be any posts like that on LI. Do you think the LI editors would frown on/penalise a blog that actually gave people info into best LI blogging practices – not just headlines & writing – but info into the algorithm/best ways to post etc?


ANS= Sanity check - You are correct. The tags merely help the algorithm pick up the relevance of a post but by no means guarantee that it will appear in a channel, keywords also help but I also believe there is some human involvement in deciding channel content (I suspect it is approval rather than selection). Question - LinkedIn have no problem with this sort of content and there is even a relevant 'LinkedIn tips' channel for it!

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