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    LinkedIn have a private 'invite only' bug bounty program.
    LinkedIn's 'Member first' focus apparently boosts satisfaction and engagement - really?
    LinkedIn appoint a new Chief Marketing Officer.
    Economic graph projects are appearing all over the world
    LinkedIn IT department in top 10 places to work
    There is a better way to search a connections connects, it's not a complete workaround as you can't search keywords but you can filter. All is explained in the video below.


Where is the Line? I asked subscribers to my LinkedIn updates service the following question;
Where's the line?

LinkedIn status updates and posts have definitely changed over the last couple of years. What was once a place where we only saw serious topics we now see puppies, quizzes, cars for sale and even naked women (I'm not kidding!)

I'm in favour of LinkedIn being inclusive, I really don't buy into the idea of it only being for a certain 'type' of professional.Why is it OK for a recruiter to post a vacancy but not OK for a car salesman to post a picture of the latest used Range Rover they have on their forecourt?

Surely both have the right to 'do business' on LinkedIn?

Is it OK to post a funny picture? Maybe not, I guess everyone has their own idea on where the line is and that's what I want to hear from you about.

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