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    Measuring Gender Diversity with LinkedIn Data

    LinkedIn's weird names for software. An explanation.

    Have you taken up the offer of a free trial of

    Viveka Von Rosen's excellent article on LinkedIn mobile

    LinkedIn's economic graph comes to Manchester in an attempt to bridge the skills gap. This is also an interesting Q&A from the Greater Manchester Combined Authority perspective.


    This week I take a look at LinkedIn's new revamped Pulse mobile app. Are LinkedIn at last starting to get the hang of mobile apps? You can view my video review below


This week I have a question for you! Although the above post/comments are funny there is a more serious point that I believe is worth discussing in next weeks episode.

    Should LinkedIn just be about 'serious business topics?
    Is it becoming more like Facebook and is that a bad thing?
    Where do you draw the line on 'appropriateness' or does anything go?


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