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The Ingredients of a great post;

  • Topical subject
  • Eye catching headline
  • Striking header image
  • Ask a question
  • Alternative answers work well
  • Tagged for a channel
  • Keyword rich (channel keywords)
  • Quote others (link to their profiles)
  • Link to your website
  • Send it to individual connections and ask them to comment
  • Reply to all comments and try to keep the conversation going.
  • Share on other channels
  • Re-share later (if still relevant)
  • And finally....luck!

Here is a link to Greg Coopers article on LinkedIn published posts


I used to see when my connections made new connections in my home page stream. Where has this gone and how do I switch it back on?

ANS = I don't know where they have gone, I am still seeing them from my connections (not all as this is related to their settings) but the setting to adjust what you see in your stream has annoying disappeared so you can't do anything about it!

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