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  • Published post sharing via 3rd party apps appears to be broken, links go to main Pulse page.
  • LinkedIn announce Economic graph challenge winners.
  • LinkedIn stock drops to $193
  • Keen computer gamers are getting information about future game titles from LinkedIn profiles. This article and this one are two separate examples.
  • Jeff Weiner admits "We are sending some members too many emails"!


  • Posting articles and links in LinkedIn groups is not effective unless you are actually creating a discussion. People are treating groups as poster boards for 'interesting' articles but all that does is lower the amount of interaction and provides no benefit to the person that shared the link.
  • I was shocked to see these stats recently;
    • Article 1 - 348 views - 41 LinkedIn shares
    • Article 2 - 162 views - 302 LinkedIn shares
  • When I explored this in more detail it turned out the the vast majority of the shares of article 2 were people sending the post to multiple groups (each one counting as a separate share). Clearly these group shares were simply being ignored!


  • How can I get notifications about a specific person? I want to know when specific connections of mine post updates, articles and share/comment on others?
    • ANS= Unfortunately you no longer can, 3rd party sites such as Zapier and IFTTT used to do this but LinkedIn no longer allow access to this information.
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