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  • I had a reply from the person whose published post achieved over 3 million views and she doesn't know why it was so successful!
  • LinkedIn acquire Refresh
  • LinkedIn's April fool joke
  • University offer premium accounts to 1000 students
  • The latest big thing in social media? Periscope is a live video streaming app from Twitter and it is amazing!


  • Interesting article that lists 10 LinkedIn invitation templates. Some are pretty cheesy and I would always suggest writing your own but these may help get you started.
  • Tip: Consider contacting some people who have viewed your profile. I saw a potential prospect had viewed my profile and as a result of contacting him I have generated some new business.


  • I keep seeing this nonsense on my LI feed. This and various other mathematical questions  trying to get a million 'likes'. I generally only see them because one of my contacts comments. To me they have no place on LI. But why do people do it and is there a way to stop it?

    • ANS = I think they create them to gain a high number of views but to what end? More damaging though is the people who participate, not realising that they are annoying their connections who may well hide their future updates as a result. My advice - if you enjoy quizzes, do them but don't post your answer on LinkedIn, no-one will think you are clever - quite the opposite!

  • I am an employee of a company which has changed  its name and email domain.  I was requested by a colleague to join LinkedIn over a year ago and so I did the email I registered was my old one.
    Anyhow I keep getting emails from prospective employees linked to my profile and when I click on it from my work email is says access denied. So we have been blocked off.  I now don't know how to get back in I don't know which email to use and when I try both domain & opal email is says invalid email.  I want to now log in my same profile by setting it up with my personal email can u help with this ?

    • ANS = A real complicated mess isn't it and LinkedIn are partly responsible for this. The simple way to avoid such problems is to list all your email addresses under one LinkedIn account.

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