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  • LinkedIn improve their sponsored InMail service
  • The JP Morgan saga continues
  • A new study analyses how 'happy' politicians are from their LinkedIn profile pictures


  • Florist posts an image update that goes viral
  • Two ways of searching that are outside of the commercial use limit;
    • Alumni search
    • Field of study search
  • LinkedIn appear to be testing a new way of customizing invites
  • Read this article about social selling and let me know what you think. I think this sort of attitude will lead to sales people getting left behind, the changing nature of sales needs to be embraced.


  • How do you convert a personal profile which has been created with a company name into a genuine personal profile without losing the connections.
    • This is a situation that I have experienced previously and you have to be very careful in how this conversion is handled. Here is my recommended process;
    1. Download the connections of the company account.
    2. Change the name of the company account to the same name of the personal account you wish to transfer the connections to.
    3. Approach LinkedIn (help center) and explain that you have two profiles and you wish to merge the connections into your main account.
  • Andy Headworth asks if there are any examples of employees who are currently being forced to hand over their account or change their profile by their employers. If anyone is in this situation please get in touch - confidentiality assured.
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