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  • More shareholders sell their LinkedIn shares. Is this news anymore?
  • LinkedIn state that Mozilla Firefox is the most compatible browser for LinkedIn and that they are not fully compatible with other browsers.
  • LinkedIn make some changes to their terms of service this mainly relates to the ownership of published posts.
  • InMail will be changing from 2015. LinkedIn are abandoning the 7 day guaranteed response policy and replacing it with a 90 day policy that allows you to get the credit back if the message is replied to. This may only apply to Recruiter and Sales accounts although the suggestion is that it applies to all InMails.

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5 Ways to Find Jobs on LinkedIn

1) Jobs Section (nothing more to say!)

2) Job Discussions in a group (see below)

LinkedIn group job discussion

3) Recent activity of Recruiters (see below)

LinkedIn view activity

4) Search Published posts (see below)

LinkedIn published posts search

5) Use the 'Find' function in your browser

Searching an LinkedIn update stream

BI Intelligence survey in the US reveals the following information;

  • More people are on LinkedIn than Twitter
  • LinkedIn's sweet spot for age is 30-49 years
  • LinkedIn is the best social media platform to access over 50's
  • More males were on LinkedIn 24% than women 19%

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