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Episode 31. Do LinkedIn Ad's Work?

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show notes


  • The way we receive invitation notifications has changed (see video below) I also mentioned 2 pieces of software to help with speedy messaging which were TextExpander for Mac or Phrase Express for PC.
  • Feature retirement - InMaps is the latest to be culled. Unfortunately it is now too late to get your map as the site officially closed on 1st September. Here is a Techcrunch article with more detail.
  • LinkedIn's new mobile app - Sales Navigator
  • New feature - You can now export all of your historical LinkedIn data. Get your step by step guide on how its done by completing the form below; 
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  • LinkedIn are considering easing their censorship policy for China. Article here
  • 57% of LinkedIn users are 'engaged' Read more here
  • 2 LinkedIn shareholders cash in by selling shares. Could this be a coincidence?


Jo Saunders has provided this weeks tip. How to withdraw a LinkedIn invitation.

Does LinkedIn advertising work? I would really love to hear from any listeners about their experience of advertising on LinkedIn. Please leave me a voicemail (right edge of this page) or email me at

Do 'Specialties' in a profile have any significant keyword weighting in a LinkedIn search? Answer = No! I'm not sure they ever did but now they are not even a field of their own so do not count more than any other word.

That' it for this week, thanks for listening.

Please get in touch with any comments, suggestions or questions by leaving a voicemail or emailing

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