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Welcome to a new episode of the LinkedInformed podcast.

I have had an exciting and rewarding week with the successful launch of mine you social selling and business development e-learning programme.


The 5C Business Development System is now for sale!

….and for a limited time it’s discounted by a massive 63%!

I’m really proud of this course, I was looking at some of the earlier lessons and I actually started recording the videos 9 months ago! It’s taken a lot of work to get to this position and it doesn’t end here as I will need to update all the ‘settings’ lessons with the new design.

The 5C system contains 5 modules as below;

In total there are 65 videos covering every aspect of using LinkedIn as an effective business development tool.

I’m very excited to see how people react to this course and I hope you can take advantage of the limited time launch price (just £146 but only for the next 7 days, then it will be £396).

I am also giving away a free e-book to those who expressed an interest in the 5C System.


Published posts lose view numbers….Does it matter?


I noticed this week a change to publish posts in both the main mobile app and the pulse app.

Publish posts are no longer showing the number of views in these apps.


Interestingly for now anyway, posts on the desktop version of LinkedIn are still showing view numbers


This got me thinking….. Does it really matter how many people view our posts? Surely a post that has a low number of views but a higher number of comments and likes is better than one with high views and low engagement?

Maybe this is where LinkedIn are going with this……. Or maybe it's just a glitch!

I think I would still like to see the number of views but I definitely think we should all be concentrating for more on engagement statistics.

I also refer to this is the AFQ section below.


Interesting stuff I saw this week



Cool Thing


Profile views extension

Especially useful if you are notion a premium account but you are also able to see past 90 days so potential of use to premium members as well.

And of course, it’s free!



Question: How do I get more views of my published post. I am averaging about 100 per post which doesn’t seem very much.

Answer: Firstly referring to my point earlier, views are not the key measurement to worry about - the aim with content is to develop relationships and trust and this is largely done through engagement (comments).

That said, you need the views to get the engagement so here are my thoughts;

Getting more views involves a planned 'marketing' exercise that should look something like this

  • Make the post engaging. Ask questions to encourage comments and always reply to any comments, this helps with distribution. - Don't rely on notifications to get views.
  • Always post status updates to promote your post, ideally using a large, attractive image. (type the update, paste the link to the post then delete the link with the thumbnail image and add a large image (quite possible the same one) in it's place. This will be 5x the size of the thumbnail.
  • Repeat this status update across several days and at different times.
  • Sharing OPC (other people's content) allows you to share more of your own. If all I see from you is (perceived) self promotion then I switch off, if however 60% of what I see (your updates) is OPC and clearly helpful to me then I will take more notice of your own content.
  • Be persistent, views take time to grow - overnight success is rare and mostly luck.
  • Make sure your follower settings are set to 'everyone'


In summary, posts need to be widely distributed via a series of status updates plus Twitter and Facebook posts if appropriate.

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