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It’s been a very quiet week for LinkedIn, no news to report whatsoever, the bickering about Facebook type posts and inappropriate content continues of course but to be honest, I’m really bored of that now!

LinkedIn have been sending out a survey which suggests that they might be considering having adverts in groups, not display ad’s but in the stream of ‘conversations’ - please no!

We finally have new settings!

The only news of any note is that the new settings design has finally arrived in my account, I’m going to write a full report that will be sent to subscribers of my LinkedIn updates service this weekend so if you haven’t already signed up, now is the time to do so!

The 5C Business Development System is now for sale!

….and for a limited time it’s discounted by a massive 63%!


I’m really proud of this course, I was looking at some of the earlier lessons and I actually started recording the videos 9 months ago! It’s taken a lot of work to get to this position and it doesn’t end here as I will need to update all the ‘settings’ lessons with the new design.

The 5C system contains 5 modules as below;

<add 5C banner image>

In total there are 65 videos covering every aspect of using LinkedIn as an effective business development tool.

I’m very excited to see how people react to this course and I hope you can take advantage of the limited time launch price (just £146 but only for 7 days, then it will be £396).

Just click here for more information.


Social Selling & LinkedIn.


Standing out from the crowd is increasingly difficult these days…on and offline and especially on LinkedIn….have you seen just how much ‘stuff’ appears on your homepage?!


I believe the key to standing out involves 2 things;


  1. Highly visible posts/updates. Using images is no longer a desirable action, it’s absolutely essential if you want people to see your updates. My two favourite tools are Wordswag for mobile and Canva for desktop. Images are much bigger (and therefore more effective) when added directly into Linkedin rather then via a 3rd party app/site like Buffer or Hootsuite.
  2. Credibility. This will only be gained through the quality of what you do and what you share - content is critical to building credibility on LinkedIn. Do you share great content? Do you create useful, interesting content? Even if an update grabs my attention, I rarely read it unless it is from someone I trust to only produce or share great content.


Once you have gained views and reader you will gain more followers and most importantly you will be on track to develop greater trust and this is much more likely to result in winning more business.


Social Networking in Real Life - SOCIAL EXPERIMENT


Have you see this great video from Jena Kingsley? It really made me chuckle, especially the bit about endorsements and the anonymous viewer on the subway! 


Cool Thing

This weeks cool thing comes from a listener, Carl Whalley who found that when linking to his site, LinkedIn often didn’t find the right image on a post - or at times no image at all. This works seamlessly on other sites but LinkedIn seemed to be having problems.

As Carl explains “The heart of this issue is "Open Graph" support, which Googling for will provide more details. Typically, the source site will be Wordpress or Joomla etc, and it’s actually the sites fault by not identifying the images as Open Graph compliant”.

The fix for the site is usually simple - just install a plugin and the correct meta tags will be automatically added to the page, allowing the user to choose the image they want.

So if your blog icon Wordpress and you find you have had this problem you might find adding the plugin to your Wordpress site sorts it out.

Thanks Carl.

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