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Welcome to our 130th episode.

Interesting Stuff I saw this Week

Here are the links to the interesting things I saw this week

Your Guide To Generation Z
What LinkedIn’s ‘Social Selling Index’ Really Measures
Searching and Viewing Profiles from Sources Outside of LinkedIn
LinkedIn’s original 2004 pitch slide deck
Jeff Weiners full interview with Oprah

Thought LEADers

A key focus of social selling is to engage with your Leads on subjects that are of interest to them (rather than what you are offering them). There are however another set of people that you should work just as hard to engage with that aren’t leads, they are Thought LEADers.

You are highly unlikely to do business with these people but they could be the key to unlocking the most difficult Leads.

Building relationships with thought leaders can pay off big time. Your Leads will see you as more credible, you will have your finger on the pulse regarding topics that are important to your Leads and this will also help you write better, more relevant content.
If you do this really well, you might even find that your Leads are chasing you rather than the other way around!

Three Critical Questions

If you are in a sales role or you are hoping to win new customers on LinkedIn then can you answer the following questions;

What business subjects are important to your Leads?
Who are the thought leaders in these subjects?
Where do these thought leaders actively post and engage online?
You can answer these questions by conducting the Six Steps outlined in my published post.

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