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Welcome to episode 124, this week I’m relaxing in Italy on vacation so I thought I would pre-record this episode of questions that I have been asked recently.

Below are the 5 questions I covered in this episode, you will need to listen to the audio for the answers.

Question 1

I recently decided to get rid of some dead wood connections, people that I'll never speak to that I either don't remember connecting with, or when I first joined and didn't really know what I was doing. I managed to get rid of 2000 people, mostly overseas, and now my news feed is looking better, and more relevant. I have noticed one significant change though, when I had around 5,000 connections, I'd get maybe one person sending me connections requests every week, they could be anything from people I actually recruit for, or SEO specialists wanted to sell to me. Now however, since dropping a couple of thousand people, I'm getting about 8 per day, which seems very strange. Do you know if the less connections you have, the more you appear in searches, or that people can find you easier? I've never heard anything like that but that's all I can think of Any clues would be greatly appreciated.

Question 2

Hi Mark, as an active job seeker I am curious to know what Recruiters think of LinkedIn endorsements?

Question 3

Hello Mark, I have a question I hope you can answer.
I am wanting to add links to several web pages with Lead boxes.
I have tried to do this under my summary but the thumbnail image is the same for all three. How can I change the image that LinkedIn selects?
Thank you.

Question 4

Hi Mark, I have a question about invitations.
Where can you see a list of people who you have sent an invitation to connect?

Question 5

Hi Mark,
I want to change my status to read ‘open to opportunities’ but I can’t recall where this is done.
Can you help?

That’s it for this week. If you have any questions please feel free to send me a voicemail (link on the right edge of this page) or email me at
In case you are curious, the website I used for the voices in this episode is

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