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Could this the beginning of the end of personalised invitations? Watch the video below to see what happened when inviting from a newly created profile

Introductions. It is long longer possible to send introductions to 3rd tier connections. This was spotted by Andy Lopata and covered in this post

LinkedIn acquire Bizo - See official announcement here

This article takes a look at what the Bizo acquisition might mean to us.

Here is the Business Insider article showing the (alleged) leaked memo from Linkedin


Groups all too often come in for a bad press. In reality there are plenty of fantastic groups that offer an amazing opportunity to engage with and gain invaluable information from your prospects.

Here is a link to Carl Whalley's Google Android Group

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Not much happened this week other than LinkedIn getting stung for $6m for a labour violation regarding unpaid wages. The BBC article is here

Pay it Forward

Wikipedia definition


How can I save Pulse articles to read later?

My solution is to use Evernote and their amazing web clipper but you can also use Pocket

Other links

New course for job seekers coming out soon on Udemy

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Show Notes

  • LinkedIn delivers encouraging Q2 financial results
    • 313 million members
    • 84m unique visitors
    • 25bn page views (down 1bn from 1st qtr)
    • $534m revenue - 47% year on year increase
      • Talent Solutions makes up $322m of this - 49% increase
      • Marketing $106m - 44% increase
      • Premium Accounts - $105m - 44% increase
    • See  full report here
  • LinkedIn acquires Newsle 
  • The new look LinkedIn mobile app
  • Updates of previous news items
    • Zapier has delivered some useful results but is a little complicated to set up
    • New Galene search seems to have settled down and is now delivering very similar results to before
  • Tip of the week. Be aware of 3rd party apps that undertake actions on your account that are outside of the LinkedIn User Agreement. Take responsibility for your own actions on LinkedIn, it's you that will get suspended!
  • Question. What do I have to do to get my profile from 'expert' strength to 'All Star'. Answer = Get more connections. You need a minimum of 50 (aim for min 100) and have had at least 2 previous positions in your employment section. The bigger question is: Does it matter? Answer = Not really! The difference between 'Expert' and 'All Star' in search results appears to be minimal.
  • LinkedIn Contacts Now Integrate With Your Inbox. Read my post here  
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Show Notes

News - Custom profile backgrounds are now being rolled out to non premium users

Andy's LinkedIn profile

Andy on Twitter

Andy's Google Plus profile

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LinkedIn update their Contacts app and rename it Connected, the blog announcing this can be read here (screenshots at

Why not give one of these a try and let me know how you get on by leaving a message on the voicemail (see the black mic on the right edge of this page). You can also ask me a question by voicemail or by email to

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  • You can now unsubscribe from published post notifications (see below)

Click below to watch Jeff Weiner's excellent interview at a recent conference.

This is the best (funniest anyway) profile I have ever seen! Click on the image to view the full profile on LinkedIn.

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show notes

(links are in black)

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Voila_Capture 2014-06-20_12-02-16_pm.png

As seen on......

There are more than 1500 of them!

There are more than 1500 of them!

I solve this >>>>>> but can you solve the mystery of where and when you appeared on CBS, Fox NBC and abc?!

I solve this >>>>>> but can you solve the mystery of where and when you appeared on CBS, Fox NBC and abc?!

If you are struggling to get going with LinkedIn you might want to consider the 3 Day Start tutorial. 14 videos and 3 hrs of informative and engaging content. Use the discount code LinkedInformed to receive a 25% discount.

If a more tailored approach is your thing then I can offer you a one to one coaching/consulting service. Click here for more information.

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  • LinkedIn publisher posts and the potential for Google SEO issues?
  • Activity history lets you see their number of followers (close to connections number)

What will LinkedIn's new app be? Send your guesses by voicemail (see link on right of this page) or email me.

The Great LinkedIn SEO SCAM blog

Question. Should updates ever be of a personal nature?

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My profile showing the new background plus the incentive to upgrade (even though this will be available to all eventually). This also shows how you can view someone's recent activity.

My profile showing the new background plus the incentive to upgrade (even though this will be available to all eventually).

This also shows how you can view someone's recent activity.

Click on the image for more information

Click on the image for more information

  • Viewing previous activity returns...yayy! (see above)
  • New custom profile backgrounds (see above) click here for early access as a free user
  • LinkedIn close down their own group managers group
  • New Spotlight premium plan soon to arrive (see below)
  • New suggested keywords feature for premium users
  • We Can Do Better Than LinkedIn. Jon Nathanson's (below) article 
I rest my case....!

I rest my case....!

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